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Artificial turf price influencing factors artificial turf grass silk raw material

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Artificial turf grass silk as the core of artificial turf, but also the most technical content and technological content of the part, and an artificial turf manufacturers of the merits of the points is based on this. Changzhou Shen Tong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has artificial turf grass core production technology, is the first to independently complete the artificial grass silk and artificial turf production one of the manufacturers.
The main raw material of artificial turf grass silk is PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene), PP and PE has nothing to do with the pros and cons, but the foot has some short distance, such as PP material suitable for tennis, football More suitable for PE material. Artificial turf is also known as plastic turf, in the final analysis is a plastic product. PP and PE as the life of the most widely used plastic products, one of the commonly used raw materials, the quality and price range can be described as far away.
Just as we can see everywhere in the shopping bags, roadside stalls free of charge is generally very thin and easy to be torn, and obviously can see the floc, dark color plastic bags; relatively large supermarket paid supply Of the plastic bags are uniform color shiny, thick texture and strong. Two kinds of plastic bags of raw materials, the difference is self-evident, the fundamental reason is that the cost of the problem.
Artificial turf grass silk is also true. The use of raw materials or the process is not high purity of raw materials for the production of grass silk, the performance will be uneven color dull, easy to break, in the wind and sun in the powder easily, and even some contain heavy metal substances, will The safety of the user's personal injury. The quality of raw materials is equivalent to the level of cost, will directly affect the price of grass silk, but also reflects the quality of the grass silk.
Mitac machinery artificial turf grass silk on the one hand from the highest number of domestic oil in the petrochemical town of Haiyangzi main material, which is the quality of the main material of the two suppliers of the most stable; the other is the use of imported Saudi Arabia, Japan, Germany, high purity raw materials , From the world's top six lawn raw materials business. International authority SGS testing does not lead and other heavy metals, in terms of cost and domestic ordinary raw materials compared to at least 2-3 yuan per square meter.
People often want to get inexpensive goods when shopping, but companies must be based on profitability, so good products are often not cheap. Artificial turf grass silk as the core of artificial turf, it determines the final output of artificial turf prices and quality conditions, in the choice to be particularly careful.

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