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Why choose indoor artificial turf carpet?

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 Artificial turf carpet is a new member of the carpet family. Reasonable application of the carpet in the home decoration can not only play the role of landscaping, to create a soft and warm indoor environment, but also can play the effect of noise reduction. Artificial turf carpet can also be used in home, office buildings, commercial shops and other indoor places.
We often use the ground pavement materials, including marble, tiles, wood flooring, etc., the carpet is also a relatively common indoor floor furnishing materials, compared to the carpet, although the additional purchase and pavement above will indeed increase the cost , But it is generally more soft texture, walking is not easy to fall, color patterns can be freely selected, and more by a variety of fiber woven into, not only cold insulation, but also has sound and sound effects.
In addition to artificial turf carpets, carpets can be divided into pure wool carpets, chemical fiber carpets and plastic carpets and so on. Pure wool carpets are high-end products in the carpet, in the softness, flexibility and warmth really good performance, but pest and moisture resistance is poor, easy to bacteria, and expensive, difficult to care; chemical fiber carpet is generally used for decoration When the protection of the ground, the carpet itself, as well as the characteristics of electrostatic dust adsorption makes it is not suitable for daily use; plastic carpet is slippery, thin, hard, and easy to aging, the adoption rate is low.
Artificial turf carpet is one of the applications of artificial artificial lawn, with artificial turf environmental protection, anti-aging, long life, pavement convenience, affordable and easy to take care of the characteristics of other types of carpet compared to the appearance, quality, the use of results As well as the price and so have the director, artificial turf carpet than cheap wool carpet cheap and durable, more suitable for daily use than chemical fiber carpet, comprehensive consideration, is a very high cost of a choice.
Artificial turf carpet non-slip thick, because of the inherent softness and resilience of grass silk, especially for the elderly and children's family, can play a protective role, to reduce the possibility of falling injury; and high density of silk fiber The sandwich carpet insulation performance, in the summer can effectively prevent the air conditioning in the air through the ground leakage, the winter can stop the coolness of the air, but also to maintain the indoor sound of the environment, Penetrate into the room to keep the temperature.
As the indoor air flow is far less than the outdoor venues, and turf carpet and the body directly in contact with the frequency is much higher than the outdoor site, so for the artificial turf carpet environmental protection has a very high demand. Supernatural machinery lawn carpet raw materials are selected imports and domestic petrochemical Sinopec a material, reliable source, safety and environmental protection, advanced equipment, production process specifications, excellent quality, is the first choice for indoor lawn carpet.

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