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The type and use of artificial turf for soccer field

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The type and use of artificial turf can be divided into sports lawn and leisure lawn two kinds, can be paved all kinds of venues, on the basis of safety and environmental protection, emphasizing the sports experience and appearance effects. With the continuous innovation of turf products and the replacement of artificial turf species and use will be more abundant areas of development.

First, the type of artificial turf and the use of sports
1, soccer field artificial turf.
Soccer field Artificial turf is the first and most widely used sports turf, small and medium-sized university playground, street football field, business football field, large-scale sports venues and all levels of professional sports venues, can use the soccer field artificial turf To lay out, and to meet the needs of the various levels of sports performance.

At this stage of the use of monotonous straw monospora straw wire, this form of grass silk straightness, flexibility and wear resistance is better in the performance of the performance is more excellent, the appearance is more similar to the real grass, visual Excellent effect.
2, other sports venues lawn
In addition to the football field, the artificial turf has also developed a lot of sports venues, golf courses, gateball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, rugby courts, hockey courts, cricket courts, badminton courts and runway grass, You can use a variety of single-silk grass, silk grass, straight silk grass, silk grass artificial turf to lay.
Second, the type of artificial turf and the use of leisure type
1, kindergarten artificial turf
Artificial turf has become the first choice for most kindergartens, and kindergarten lawns are also a focus of attention by manufacturers as a large branch of artificial turf. Kindergarten grass to straight silk together, emphasizing safety and environmental protection, excellent quality, superior protection, beautiful appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor laying.
2, green lawn
Artificial turf as a green application of a wide range, can be used for roads, communities, gardens, can also be used for office buildings, shopping malls, playgrounds, roof greening can also be done inside and outside the wall green. Green lawn density higher touch comfortable and soft, natural color, the appearance of very like a real grass, you can achieve the effect of real ones, beautify the degree of green excellent.

3, lawn carpet
Lawn carpet feel soft, flexible, safe and environmentally friendly, bright colors, diverse colors. Wenteng lawn carpet does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metal, containing imported antibacterial agent, fire retardant, can be used for indoor floating windows, bedroom, living room carpet, hotels, hotels, exhibition carpets, and wedding floor pavement, etc. Unique fresh and natural can bring refreshing fresh feelings.
The type and use of artificial lawns As people's awareness of the increase in product and more and more creative use, such as pet artificial turf, turf home furnishings, lawn ornaments and so on, the application of artificial turf will also change More and more widely and more diversified.

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