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Where is the artificial turf absorber pad?

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Artificial turf absorber pad can be used in sports venues such as runway, soccer field, tennis court, baseball field, hockey field, gate pitch, golf course, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court and softball court. Can also be used in the square, venue and primary and secondary schools, kindergarten integrated venues. As well as greening of roads, railways, communities, green roofs, courtyards. The main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly for the sports field), PA (Korea imported nylon, sports and leisure venues and use), PP (polypropylene xi, mainly curly silk, for leisure places). Environmental protection is natural, pollution-free pollution.

All day facing the computer, by the radiation damage, eye fatigue, neck and shoulder pain. Seven colors, the green is gentle and seductive, just remember the table put a pot of green, how do not want to shop at the foot of a layer of green? When you are tired, boring, when you are upset, when you are pessimistic disappointed, imagine, you gently walked outside the door, there is a distant water in the pasture, green as fresh, tender and beautiful, you The mood will not be improved, even into the poetry into the painting; an artificial lawn is enough to make your dream come true. Eye view of the green, worry and worry why do not worry? We found that in the leisure courtyard, indoor home, kindergarten, exhibition hall, sports stadium and other indoor and outdoor places, artificial grass for the distribution of the charm of the people used by the hi, and everywhere. It gives people the infinite practical joy and fun.

1, prohibit wearing 5mm long or more than 5mm spike on the lawn on the strenuous exercise (including high heels).
2, prohibit any motor vehicle on the lawn.
3, the prohibition of long-term pressure on the lawn.
4, forbidden shot, javelin, discus or other high-drop sports on the lawn.
5, is strictly prohibited all kinds of pollution pollution lawn.
6, the case of snow days to prohibit the moment stampede, the need to sweep the surface after the snow and then use.
7, is strictly prohibited in the lawn throwing chewing gum and all debris.
8, is strictly prohibited all fireworks.
9, prohibit the use of corrosive solvents above the lawn.
10, is strictly prohibited to carry sugary drinks admission.
11, is strictly prohibited destructive tear lawn fiber.
12, it is forbidden to damage the grass base
13, sports lawn to keep the filling of the quartz sand flat, to ensure that the ball's trajectory or bounce trajectory.

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