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The advantages and disadvantages of laying artificial lawns and natural lawns

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In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to their health, so as to participate in sports activities more and more people, which requires sports venues and sports facilities to be large, more practical. Especially in the school sports venues more attention, many schools are re-construction and expansion of the construction of sports venues, but for the school's football field construction, in recent years are using artificial turf instead of natural lawn, whether artificial turf relative to natural What are the advantages of the lawn, the following use of these two lawn construction football field to do several aspects of comparison.

First, the investment cost
1, artificial turf: the current price of artificial turf in the 100 yuan / ㎡ or so, if coupled with the foundation (lime, reinforced concrete) cost (60 yuan / ㎡), artificial turf soccer field cost 150-160 yuan / ㎡ about. With the development of new varieties of technology, artificial turf is also emerging, and now there have been foreign prices in the 50-70 yuan / square meters of artificial turf, I believe that artificial turf will be more in the direction of more affordable.

2, natural lawn: the current domestic turf market is the seller's market to the buyer's market transformation, the recent price changes, and now the price of 10-50 yuan / ㎡ between, and with the quality of foreign turf has a huge gap, Foreign football field for the price of turf is still 70 euros / ㎡ or so, equivalent to 500-600 yuan / ㎡. Regular natural turf football base of the higher requirements, generally by the grass layer, layer, drainage layer and adjust the composition of four layers.

Second, the management of conservation aspects
1, artificial turf: artificial turf football field construction period is very short, generally half a month will be able to complete, after the basic use of no maintenance, as long as the prevention of malicious damage on the line.

2, natural lawn: natural lawn football field after planting is necessary to conservation three or four months to see the green lawn in order to put into use. After the put into use but also special care, to regularly watering, fertilization, pruning also control pests and rodents, so the latter part of the conservation costs are extremely expensive, and by the temperature, weather, soil impact is great, it is difficult to keep good. In the course of the use of local vulnerable to damage, the need for regular replanting, replanting.

Third, the use of life and efficiency aspects
1, artificial turf: artificial turf football field life is generally between 10-15 years, in the course of the basic use of climate, weather, even under heavy rain, 20-30 minutes after the row of rain into the water use. The use of efficiency is extremely high, especially in schools, students can anytime, anywhere in the above activities, without time constraints.

2, natural lawn: natural lawn football field life will not be very long, many schools planted three or four years of natural lawn can not see the grass, and only a bare soil field. Even a professional conservation staff of the professional football club's natural lawn football field life is also five or six years, generally five or six years after the replacement of a new turf. In the use of efficiency is even lower, well-known foreign football club stadium generally use 2-3 times a week, it is very good. The use of the domestic golf course lower efficiency, to undertake a regular game generally one month in advance to stop using, to concentrate on conservation. And in the north when the winter and spring season to change the time to stop using for a long time, if you want to play every day in the above, it is estimated that not long time only bare the dirt field.

Fourth, the landscape effect
1, artificial turf: artificial turf football field is always a green, not seasonal changes in the climate, all year round evergreen, with the red plastic runway together to form a beautiful school landscape.

2, natural lawn: natural lawn of the football field in China to the autumn and winter, most of the lawn will die yellow until the spring of the second year to germinate, to go through a long period of conservation period to grow up. So in a long winter, the whole stadium is a piece of yellow or even a piece of thin soil. Even in the usual use of the process will often be scoop up, if not timely replantation, will also affect the visual effects of the entire plastic playground.

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